Gautam Shigaonkar


Gautam Shigaonkar

Founder & CEO

KLE Technological University Hubballi

Gautam continues to lead the world of intelligent devices after his pioneering breakthroughs in brain-inspired computing.

Gautam has been in the IT industry for over 3 years and over 5 years of research. He has a rich experience in multifarious domains and distinguished exposure in applications of Image processing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Vision.He has an in-depth understanding and extensive knowledge of the designing and development of Computer Aided Diagnostic Tools.

His research interests include medical imaging, image processing and analysis, image/data compression, wavelets, soft computing, data mining and knowledge discovery,machine learning, machine vision, remote sensing, biometrics and bio-informatics He holds MTech. in Computer Science from KLE Technological University Hubballi